Amanda + James Presents: Dance+

Amanda + James annual interdisciplinary dance event featuring A+J Founding Director Amanda Hameline, at least one other choreographer, and one non-dance artists, working collaboratively to build an evening of performance. The first edition of Dance + features Kristi Cole, Abby Price and Sara Ciampa (the NeurHOTics) and comedian Jacqui Rossi, and centers around the theme of crying.

Tickets available online ($20) or at the door ($25)

To Claim and Reclaim

Kristi Cole (choreographer and performance artist) and Shannon Finnell (photographer and videographer) collaborated to create an original short dance film, investigating the idea of what it means to occupy space. This film will premiere on Sun 10/27 at 12P for the NWUF 2019.

Purchase your ticket today! All proceeds go to the ACLU



10th Annual Your Move at Landmark Loew's Theater

Wed 11/13/19: 8P + Fri 11/15/19: 8P

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Sunday, November 17, 2019, 7:00 PM
Triskelion Arts

Tickets are available at the door for $12 or purchased online



When everywhere is crowded, who is expected to make themselves smaller? In this personal yet timely political solo work, IN MY PLACE, Cole uses her experience as a queer woman to physically investigate the space as a means to highlight the universal human desire to occupy equal space, and therefore value in the world. Through the use of heightened physical self-control, as well as clear division of the performance space, this work seeks to highlight the ways in which we knowingly or unknowingly participate in our own subjugation and begs the question: How do we overcome the situation?

Am I worthy? Who makes me feel as if I must even ask the question? How do the seemingly minute everyday experiences of being "other" manifest themselves physically and influence our willingness to be seen, heard and take what is rightfully ours? What role does the subconscious play in creating barriers, both physical and imaginary? Who drew them and who gets to erase them? How do we carry on despite the exhausting process of breaking down these barriers, only to see them rebuilt and reinforced by the social confines embedded within modern society?

When a finite solution seems impossible, the only viable option is to continue to fight to break through--to devour space, unapologetically.